International Student stream falls under the Priority Assessment    Stream of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. Under this category, international students can immigrate to Manitoba and apply for permanent residence status in Canada. Graduates from a Manitoba post-secondary educational institute who have a regular employment offer from a Manitoba employer, which is related to what they have studied are eligible to apply for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. 

Below are few of the requirements for the students:

  • The applicants applying under the category for overseas students must be the graduates from a Manitoba post-secondary program.
  • An open work permit for the post graduates in Manitoba has to be applied for with the Canadian High Commission.
  • Applicants are also required to continue working with an employer in Manitoba for six months at the least, at the time of filing the application.
  • They must have a permanent and regular job offer from their employers with whom they have been working for last six months or more.

As far as the post-graduate open work permit is concerned, prospective applicants of the International Students Stream of the MPNP can apply for the same with the CIC. A maximum of ninety days is given after the completion of their academic program to apply for this work permit. For your information, graduates in Canada from other Canadian provinces can also be eligible for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

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